The Quarry at Crystal Springs

The Quarry at Crystal Springs does not offer memberships, but does sell a pre-paid "Play Pass" that will allow the avid golfers to save money on every round.  Here is how it works:  Purchase our $300 Play Pass, then present card to purchase golf at 20% off, For example, a weekday 18-hole Senior round with cart will normally cost $39.00, but we woud only deduct $31.00 from your Play Pass.  One Play Pass will save you $80.00.

2017 Play Pass Programs

Load one of our $300 pre-paid Players Passes and receive 20% off our regular rates, may also be applied to 9-hole rounds too.  Play passes may not be used to pay for another persons golf, only to be used for yourself.

    Mon-Thur rack rate = $43.00, Players card rate = $34.50
    Seniors Mon-Thur = $39.00, Players card rate = $31.25

    Friday Rack rate = $45.00, Players card rate = $36.00
    Senior Friday rate = $39.00, Players Card rate = $31.25

    Weekend/Holiday rate = $51.00, Players card rate = $41.50
    Senior Weekend/Holiday = $46.00, Players card rate = $37.00

2016 Annual Driving Range Programs:

Load one of our Pre-paid Range Cards and receive up to
40% off our already low range balls rates: 

    $ 50.00  Card saves 10% and Seniors 20%
    $100.00 Card saves you 15% 
    $200.00 Card saves you 20%
    $400.00 Card saves you 30%
    $600.00 Card saves you 40%, which makes a small bucket under $2.50.